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My life’s passion has been to create paintings that touch the heart and the soul with beauty, peace and joy. I get inspired by the play of light on nature and the shadows cast by trees and other objects. When I paint outdoors I like the feel of the sun, the breeze, the smell of the air in the countryside. I particularly like the light in early morning, or at sunset when the shadows are long, and the sky shows the most beautiful colors”.

Art is the expression of a personal, creative, contemplative process. I get inspired on nature: the light the shadows, the luminous quality of the sun, the contrasts of colors, all lend themselves to the creation of happy, optimistic paintings, which show the joy of living. I want to communicate to the viewer the peaceful feelings and the beauty of nature. My collectors tell me they look at my landscapes and would like to be there. My paintings have had success with an international audience from Europe and Asia to South America and the United States. interior designer.